Readings include rose & aura readings, astrology, numerology, tarot and other divination cards. Readings can be done in person (Seattle area) on the phone, text or through Skype. I have several different reading options to fit both your budget and needs:

Aura Reading - Your aura can be viewed clairvoyantly in layers which correspond to your seven major chakras. Strengths, lessons, issues and/or blocks can be seen and cleared which will bring greater clarity and growth.

Astrology Reading - The exact day, time and location of your birth creates a road map to your soul's journey in this lifetime. Planetary signs and house positions form geometric relationships which influences your life whether you are aware or not. An astrology reading can help you gain clarity on your life path and how current patterns are effecting you in the present.

Rose Reading - The beautiful symbol of a rose is used to take a look at your spiritual essence, your body/mind alignment and your connection to your concept of God(dess). Relevant past lives often come up as well as other issues you are currently dealing with in your life.

Life Path Reading - At turning points in our life, it can be helpful to get clarity from a life path reading. Various options can be looked at in a reading, which can help you make the right decision and help you move forward with confidence.

Relationship Reading - Sometimes a reading needs to be devoted to the relationship between two or more people. Couple & family readings can dial into the soul agreements between parties, relevant past lives and other pertinent issues.

Card Reading - Sometimes a reading with divinity cards can feel more grounded and/or creative and can add a sense fun or material comfort. Decks available include: Tarot (Inner Child & traditional), Doreen Virtue's Angel, Mermaid, & Goddess, Fairy and Jamie Sams' Animal cards can offer additional validation, comfort and insight.

Custom Reading Not sure what you want? Custom readings can be created with any of the above or simply ask a question or two. Reading length starts at just 10 minutes so you can try a mini reading before committing to a longer one.

Text or email me for any technical questions or to schedule a session.
I look forward to working with you!

60 Minute Session - $90

30 Minute Session - $45

 Special! 1 question - $15