Your Soul’s True Purpose

Calling All Starseeds

You have come to this earth plane to be a part of an amazing event,  the healing of the earth and the awakening of her people. Prophesies, legends and holy books from many traditions speak of this time of purification and renewal.

We are all needed to recognize and utilize our multi-dimensional selves yet this can be difficult in living as wage slaves in our matrix existence.  This is where an astrology or soul reading can offer assistance in peeling away cultural and social programming and helping you re-connect with your inner truth and wisdom.  Like a midwife assists mothers to give birth, astrologers & intuitives serve as guides to help you reconnect with and understand your true spiritual heritage.


Why Astrology?

. Readings can be done in person (Seattle area) on the phone, text or through Skype. There are several different reading options to fit both your budget and needs.You deserve the answers you so deeply desire! Text, call or email  white dakini to schedule your reading.